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Our Approach

Travel for a happier world

We started our business with the purpose of delivering the ultimate holiday experiences to our clients. As we grew, we did some serious soul searching about why we were really in business. We had always thrived on the satisfaction that came from delivering memorable holidays. It dawned on us that more than our bottom-line, it was the joy that we brought our guests that made what we did worthwhile.

By extending this philosophy to bring benefits to everyone associated with our business, including the locals at each destination, we want to leave the World a better and happier place. This philosophy is at the heart of our operations today.

Here's how your booking changes lives

Every time you book a holiday with us, we donate to a tangible cause at the destination - from our profits. Not only that, at the time of booking a holiday, we give you a choice of projects that we support and you can choose one that's closest to your hearts.

Furthermore while on holiday, you will have the opportunity to personally hand over the donation to the beneficiaries (and feel the fulfilment that only comes from watching the joy on the faces of those who benefit from this). This is not obligatory at all however, and should you wish to not get involved in the actual donation, we will do this on your behalf (and keep you updated on how the donation helped).

Projects we currently support

Every time a client books we are supporting one of the causes below;

Travelling with us benefits local communities

We are proud to say that we have set a precedent that not many companies can match. Not only is your holiday delivered by local guides and drivers and service providers (who find employment because of the business) but even your expertise comes from local experts.

Travel is about connecting people and by providing immersive experiences that connect our travellers with the locals at the destinations, we want to create meaningful travel experiences for both parties. On our tours you will get to experience 'real' destination experiences where you will have the opportunity to mix with the locals and make more meaningful connections. Our tours include a number of cultural extravaganzas and local art forms, which keep these traditions alive and provide local artists with an opportunity to showcase their skills to travellers.

Our drivers and guides are an integral part of our team and are specially trained to embrace our ethos of treating our clients as guests. Besides this they are provided with ongoing training so that they can grow.

All the merchandise that we provide our clients (travel bags, confirmation packs and others) is sourced from local people who are from an underprivileged background. By booking with us, you help provide employment and a means of livelihood to these people.

If you wish to find out more about the projects we support, get in touch with one of our experts on: