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A Planet Friendly business

At Globe Travel Centre one of our core ideologies is to be a 'Planet friendly' business that protects and conserves the environment. We realize that long haul travel businesses are guilty of leaving a negative carbon footprint on the Planet and each day we are working on new initiatives to not only counter the negative impact of our business but also to set new examples of sustainable practices.

We are convinced that buying Carbon offsets is not an effective way of countering the core problem of CO2 emissions caused by long haul flights. Instead of buying carbon offsets for customers, we are therefore focusing on carbon reduction initiatives.

One Traveller One Tree

Our Afforestation Program

We are working on afforestation programs at various destinations. In India for example, Globe Travel Centre has undertaken to develop a forest cover on 3 acres of land over the next three years. (Our current efforts have already beginning to help restore the eco system balance in the region and we are seeing many species of birds return).

Under our 'One Traveller One Tree' campaign, we plant a tree every time a client travels with us. Not only that, every tree that we plant on your behalf will bear your own personal signature, as we tag them with your name. When you travel with us, you are provided with a certificate to confirm how your booking helped us plant a tree.


A tree with your name... Your legacy for the future

In due course of time you are also provided with the geo location of your tree so you can watch it grow over the years. It's your own personal tree... Your legacy and your green footprint on the Planet so we would encourage you to share its story and inspire others.


Our Responsible Travel Policy

Globe Travel Centre’s mission is to offer responsible, sustainable and meaningful holidays that not only have a long-term impact on the destinations we offer but also make the travel experience one that is life-changing for our clients. The overall aims of our Responsible travel policy encompass;

  • Connecting the business and everything we do in a tangible way to make a long-term impact on the destinations.

  • Encouraging the involvement of locals at the destinations as much as possible, thereby passing on personal and monetary benefits.

  • Reducing the negative environmental impact caused by the business.

  • Being innovative with the introduction of measures to support sustainability.

  • Be a meaningful travel company by connecting travellers with the locals at the destination.

Fort Cochin Beach Cleaning

Back in 2010, distressed by the amount of waste that visitors were dumping in the Fort Cochin area (near the Chinese fishing nets), we decided to launch an initiative to clean and maintain the beach along this stretch.

We provided employment to a team of local people with whose help we succeeded in keeping the area clean and managed to improve the visitor experience to the Chinese Fishing nets and the nearby fish markets. To make the project sustainable we requested local stakeholders to be part of the effort. Unfortunately at the time, we did not get enough support from local players and regrettably had to discontinue the project.

Increasingly however we have been in turmoil over the state of the area and have decided that we are going to re launch our beach cleaning campaign, irrespective of any outside support. We are pleased to inform that this time we have support from hotels like the Spice Fort in Cochin who are joining hands with us to make this project viable. Watch this space to read about how we get on...


Our Recycling Initiatives

We have been investing into recycling initiatives within the company. We have realized that our brochures (which are 200+ pages each) use a lot of trees. We have therefore made a conscious decision to produce our forthcoming brochures using 100% recycled paper. (Look out for our 2015 Vietnam & ''10 Indian Trips of a lifetime'' brochures).

We use recycled paper at our offices and adopt processes that minimize waste. Our head office is located in 1000 Lakeside, which employs various recycling initiatives.

The merchandise provided to clients is made up of 100% recycled material. This includes bags with travel documentation and luggage labels, which are made up of, recycled tire tubes, Confirmation packs made up of jute, and others. By booking with us, our clients become an important part of our recycling campaigns.